Spencer Rattler links Oklahoma with touchdown record against K-State

FILE – On this Saturday, September 12, 2020, file photo, Oklahoma midfielder Spencer Rattler threw during the first half of an NCAA college football team match against Missouri in Norman, Oklahoma. Rattler passed the 290 yards and four touchdowns at the first start of the career When Oklahoma defeated Missouri, Oklahoma faces Kansas this week. (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki, Pool, File)

Spencer Rattler has had a glamor of drama since his days at Pinnacle High School in Phoenix.

The first-back player in red shirt did so on Saturday, tying the University of Oklahoma record for most touchdowns in two weeks (8), set by Sam Bradford in 2008.

Rattler drew with the Bradford mark in the third quarter of Saturday’s home game with Kansas, where he netted Jeremiah Hall in a 21-yard score.

Rattler began his campaign as a freshman with 290 yards pass and four touchdowns in a 48-0 victory over Missouri on September 12.

Rutler’s day ended on a bad note, however, as his fourth-quarter objection to the Sooners’ final campaign capped a 38-35 Kansas State victory.

Rattler and Sonners, seeded third, are now 1-1 this season.

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