Crystal Palace 1-2 Everton, the Football League and more – as it happened | football

I think Al Qaeda is nonsense, I think. And I cannot understand how we, football, the Premier League, the referees, ourselves, the coaches and the managers, and I think about the players, how we allowed this rule to come into effect is something that goes beyond me. And he spoils the soccer game, no doubt about that. Since the rules of football are understood and accepted by people from a very young age, these days we are in a situation where even we are coaches and experienced players, we cannot even understand what constitutes handball and what not. R.

I just saw it on screen, and the idea that this is a handball, it’s just nonsense. I don’t want to take advantage of that, nor do I want to lose it, but there is no doubt that it eliminates the game of football.

I will anticipate what will happen, because the players are smart, they will actually be throwing balls at people’s hands in the penalty area and yell with the touch of the hand, and the umpires will go to the screen and give it. And if people genuinely believed that this would make the soccer game better, good luck to them. For me, a really good soccer game was destroyed by a decision. And I’m not saying that just because we lost the match, because last week we had a decision that goes our way. I just don’t believe in al-Qaeda.

I don’t blame the verdict. Judgment, he doesn’t think it’s handball either. He just has to give it, because that’s what he was asked to do. Now how can this be true? If I could ignore this, I would have enjoyed the soccer game. We lost points in a way that I find totally unacceptable.

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Unfortunately we find ourselves again discussing something that you really don’t want to discuss. It would be much better if the match ended 1-1, and there were no penalties either for us or against us, and we were talking about the quality of football. Instead, I need to come here and make a bold statement, which I don’t apologize for because I said it all the time and will keep saying it. I feel really desperate that we have inserted a handball rule that kills the soccer game.

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