Spanish media criticize Barcelona: “Frenkie de Jong was the biggest driving force” | Foreign football

Spanish media criticize Barcelona: "Frenkie de Jong was the biggest driving force" |  Foreign football

Lionel Messi played his 768th game for Barcelona, ​​surpassing Xavi as the player with the most matches for Barcelona. With two goals, the Argentine was one of the most eye-catching players against Real Sociedad. The other was Dest. Inspired Sports World To the heading “Destination and Best”. The former Ajax player scored his first two goals for Barcelona in La Liga and played according to him Brand A competition that Dani Alves would be proud of. Dest was according to Such as Wonderful period sport He talks about “The New Elvis”. Courtesy that the International of the United States will be over the moon. He has often shown that Elvis was his great example.

“Unbelievable,” Dest said afterwards, “We won 1-6! We have to continue like this. I’m very happy with my first two goals,” said the winger. According to the media, the beautiful performance of the Dest and the performance of Messi symbolized the beautiful mix of young players and stars in the squad that Coman worked hard on. “Koeman found his squad and Barcelona were very convincing,” he says. Brand. to me Sports World Even Coman and his teammates’ performance reminded us of the climax Messi won with Andres Iniesta and Xavi, among others, award after award.

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“Koeman knows exactly what he is doing and the way he is formed, with three defenders, Alba and Dest as a wing-back bring out the best in Dest,” he said. Such as. “While other teams are starting to suffer more every week, Barcelona has entered a phase where opponents are crushed and people can have fun on television. A show of strength to be reckoned with. A great message for the competition. This is not just eighteen games without a defeat. This is a great way to play with a lot of games.” Fun where the opponent is playing madly. “

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All words of praise have been met sport He also got a good score for Dest as well as De Jong. Each of the former Ajax players got nine. “Frenkie was the driving force behind the pressure of Real Sociedad. He showed an excellent level again, a great game for the Dutch player.”

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