Collaboration between the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Football Company to raise awareness of the women’s game

Collaboration between the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Football Company to raise awareness of the women's game
  • CBA became the Official Partner, Matildas Bank, Junior Matildas, Young Matildas, Socceroos and more.

  • CBA to become the largest investor in Australian women’s football

  • With a mix of its investments in football and cricket, CBA believes it will be the biggest supporter of women’s sports in the country.

  • The partnership supports the vision and agenda for Australia’s new 15-year football strategy

The Commonwealth Bank has become the largest investor in Australian women’s soccer as Matildas gears up for an even more exciting international campaign, to 2023 and beyond.

The Commonwealth Bank and Sports Management Authority, Australian Football, announced today that effective August 2021, CBA will become the Official Label Partner and Bank of the women’s national team, Matildas, Junior Matildas and Young Matildas. The first four-year partnership will pump in millions. Dollars in Elite Soccer Initiatives The female images and grassroots initiatives across the country are just the beginning of what has been set up into an exciting new partnership.

Through the new Australian Soccer Partnership, CBA believes it will be the biggest supporter of women’s sports in the country, along with its long-standing partnership and support for women’s cricket for over 20 years.

CBA’s commitment to women’s football supports Football Australia’s Legacy ’23 plan that was announced at Parliament House in Canberra in February this year. Legacy ’23 is a plan to bring immediate and long-term societal benefits and economic impact from Australia, which is hosting the largest sporting event on our shores since Sydney 2000. It is football’s ambitious plan for our country to grow through football and sustain and exciting benefits such as the result of hosting this global event.

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“We look forward to working with Football Australia to ensure that every girl and boy who plays in a community club with the goal of playing at an elite level has equal opportunity to reach,” said Matt Komen, Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Bank. Their dream.

“Matilda has been one of the great success stories of Australian sport in recent years as the women’s game has grown in stature and importance both locally and around the world. Many players now compete in some of the best leagues in the world, which has helped put Australian football on the map. Working with Football Australia is not only to support Matildas in their pursuit of World Cup glory, but it is equally important to support the future growth and development of the game at all levels. “

“By supporting women’s cricket, we have greatly appreciated and understood the importance of creating a level playing field for all through sport.” Said Priscilla Brown, Executive Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at CBA Group Australia, by taking our investment in Australian women’s sport to the next level, CBA And football is committed to that, and one of the country’s favorite sports, football.

“Women’s football has become one of the fastest growing participatory sports across the country, and I am proud that our investment will provide women and girls with more opportunities to play their passionate game at the highest level. The partnership, combined with our current support for women’s cricket” will make CBA the biggest supporter of women’s sport In the country, we are passionate about the ways in which we can work together to expand football from the grassroots to the elite. ”

James Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Football, said: “We are delighted to partner with the Commonwealth Bank and see an exciting partnership between two of Australia’s leading contemporary brands. We strongly believe in anchoring the growth of our sport in women’s football, the strength of our diverse community, and the promotion of inclusivity in football. The Australian foot and the strengthening of the reputation of our national teams, be it Matildas or Sucreus, as we embark on an incredibly crowded international calendar for the next four years.We are excited that these are the core themes of our new 15-year vision and strategic agenda, deeply rooted in our eleventh principles. For the future Australian football is also very important to the Commonwealth Bank.

“This partnership is a wonderful representation of our bold new vision of the vibrant sport and the new path of Australian football. We are proud to welcome the Commonwealth Bank, one of Australia’s most well-known companies, into the football family as we begin this together. An exciting transformation journey to become the center of football. Asia-Pacific region.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the tremendous support Westfield has and continues to provide to women’s football in Australia. Westfield’s dedication, leadership, and significant investment in the game over the past 13 years have helped shape the current generation of champions, and for this we shall always be grateful. We are very excited to play Westfield Matildas against the Netherlands tonight. “

Sarah Walsh, Head of Australian Women’s Football, Women’s World Cup Legacy and Inclusion, said: “The Commonwealth Bank investment targeting women will increase awareness and access to women’s football. We want to make sure every boy and girl has a great experience. In the game they love and stay. We focused on building a legacy for our sport by providing a pathway and inspiration for girls to play premium football. Just three months ago, the Commonwealth Bank was ranked Australia’s strongest brand, and as a former player and official in the game, it is really a matter of pride to have such an important organization that dedicates so many resources to our game. “

Effective August 2021, the partnership between CBA and Football Australia includes, but is not limited to:

  • Official naming rights partner for Matildas, Junior Matildas and Young Matildas
  • Official bank of Matildas, Junior Matildas and Young Matildas
  • Official partner of the Women’s Football Awards
  • Matildas Fan Days Official Name Rights Partner
  • Official Partner and Socceroos Bank
  • MiniRoos Official Partner

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