SpaceX launches a secret military satellite into space

SpaceX launches a secret military satellite into space

For the first time since 2019, SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket. It is said that a secret military satellite was on board.

On behalf of the US Department of Defense, a “Falcon Heavy” rocket from private space company SpaceX launched at least one secret military satellite. The rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center in the afternoon (CET).

Prior to the flight, designated USSF-44, the rocket was said to launch two satellites into geosynchronous orbit. It is not known if there are other secret military payloads on board.

The second probe is said to be the “Tetra 1” microsatellite. The US Department of Defense said the probe will test “missions, tactics, techniques, and procedures in and around geosynchronous orbit”. The authorities keep the details confidential.

“Falcon Heavy” contains reusable parts

This is the fourth time that the Falcon Heavy, also known as Elon Musk’s super rocket, has been launched. When it first launched in February 2018, the billionaire and SpaceX boss launched a red sports car from his company, Tesla, into space.

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