SpaceX hopes to “ jump in ” to another prototype of the Starship today

SpaceX hopes to `` jump in '' to another prototype of the Starship today

SN5 exploded earlier in August.


If you miss the first time, there may be another opportunity, once Thursday, to see an early version of the Martian rocket Elon Musk taking a very short flight.

SpaceX operates in The Boca Chica, Texas website To develop the Starship, its next-generation spacecraft designed to ultimately transport people to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

In August, one engine The prototype spacecraft called SN5 made its first “leap”. That was a short flight about 500 feet (152 meters), followed by a tight landing not far from the launch pad.

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The SpaceX Starship prototype takes the first leap


We’ve seen the same feat done by a smaller, dubbed prototype Starhopper In 2019, but the much larger SN Series is designed to be capable of orbital flight. It is unclear when we might see this, but Musk said the plan is to make a series of jumps to work on flights at higher altitudes.

Roads and airspace are closed for Thursday with reserve dates on Friday and Saturday as SpaceX hopes to jump SN6, its next prototype.

Closures were originally scheduled for last week and are likely to slide further. We will keep you updated on the situation in Texas.

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