Space Oddity 2020? UFO found in Utah desert – patriotic

Space Oddity 2020?  UFO found in Utah desert - patriotic

A mysterious slab of metal stands silently in the desert, leaving the Earth primates in awe.

So was the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: Space Flight Begins. It’s also the way things are going in Utah in 2020, after biologists made a tantalizing discovery in the state’s southern desert.

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State wildlife officials said they were counting big-horned sheep from a helicopter last Wednesday when they stumbled upon a mysterious metal plank that had emerged from the rock. The body was 3-3.7 meters high and appeared to be completely solid and undecorated, according to staff from the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources.

Its true origin is unknown.

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“One biologist spotted it and we happened to fly right over it,” helicopter pilot Brett Hutchings told KSLTV in Utah.

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Hutchings and a crew of biologists landed nearby and ventured into a red rocky bay to examine the body up close.

The video shows that it is a solid piece of metal that stands as tall as two people.

“Intrepid explorers come down to investigate what alien life looks like,” one crew member said with a chuckle, in a video they later provided to KSLTV.

Hutchings says the group enjoyed some finding, although they still don’t know exactly that they are dealing with it.

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“We used to joke that if one of us had suddenly disappeared, I guess the rest of us would run for it,” Hutchings said.

Hutchings said the object appeared to have been implanted and likely not in a position from above.

State officials did not indicate exactly where they found the Monolith because it was in a remote area dangerous to hikers. They say they prefer not to inspire hobbyists to go out in search of her in the hope of solving the mystery.

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“It was the strangest thing I encountered there in all my aviation years,” Hutchings said.

He added that the piece could be an art installation or a tribute to Kubrick’s film.

The opening scene of 2001: Space Flight It depicts a monkey-like human ancestor flocking over a mysterious metal plate suddenly appearing in their rocky home. A monkey learns to use tools shortly after the object appears.

None of the helicopter crew members reported any incredible scientific discoveries yet, but that didn’t stop people from speculating on the creature’s origin.

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Utah Highway Patrol encouraged followers to guess about the object’s purpose, sparking a slew of speculation about alien beings, wormholes, multi-dimensional gates, and the Kubrick movie.

Many users have called for leaving the object alone, if only to avoid further misfortunes during the historically bizarre 2020.

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One user wrote: “If I had been, I would have waited until at least 2021, and possibly 2022, to make a good measure, before touching it.”

“put it back!” Another user wrote. “We had enough surprises this year.”

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