Sources: Warzone Streamer ‘Wagnificentt’ bans part of the cheat ban wave

Sources: Warzone Streamer 'Wagnificentt' bans part of the cheat ban wave

We reported this morning that a popular Call of Duty: Warzone EngineOwning cheat site has been discovered by Activision and Infinity Ward.

EngineOwning updated its status page earlier this week to state that Modern Warfare and Warzone are no longer “safe” to use their deception as cheaters are now “discoverable.”

With this change, Infinity Ward appears to have sent out a ban wave over the weekend for all of those who use this cheat site. “EngineOwning” users on the forum said they want a “refund” from EngineOwning for a false advertisement.

One of the blocked users is a smaller broadcast device known as a “Wagnificentt”. He posted on social media that his account was “permanently” banned from accessing Warzone.

He claimed in a tweet that he was “wrongly prohibited” and “deeply confused” about his ban. This Tweet was met with response from several of his fans, who asked Activision to edit his account.

However, according to what we’ve heard, Wagnificentt’s ban was part of a wave of bans issued for players using EngineOwning cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Called EngineOwning feature is that the site cannot be discovered in the streams. This means that the followers who were watching the broadcast were unable to identify the fraudsters while watching.

Since then he posted another tweet, now deleted, saying it was out of “ignorance” to “ignore everyone” banned near the wave of ban that was the reason for his ban.

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His tweet says “it should be addressed” about why he was banned, but we’re not sure if the studio plans to speak publicly about every ban wave that comes out.

There have been reported false bans that have occurred in the past, but studios have evaluated them all on a case-by-case basis.

We have no more information to share about this ban wave at the moment. We will update if we know more information or if there is a public statement from Activision or Infinity Ward.

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