Soon.. WhatsApp launches a new feature for its users

Those responsible for the “WhatsApp” application are always developing it periodically, and adding a lot of new services and features to it, so that it always remains on the throne of favorite social networking applications among the pioneers of the Internet, and a new feature has been added to the application that allows users to hide their profile pictures from some unwanted people.

A new feature launched by WhatsApp

And the “indiatoday” website explained, through a report published on it, that the WhatsApp application has options dedicated to hiding their profile pictures on their account on the application, and therefore no one added to the contacts will be able to view that image, and it is soon scheduled to include a list of hiding the file. Profile on the app is a new option to hide your profile picture from “My Contacts Except…”, so you will be able to hide your profile picture from people you choose yourself.

Wabetainfo has shared a screenshot from inside the WhatsApp application, confirming that there is a test of the option to hide a user’s profile picture from a specific contact on the beta version that works on the Android system.

The image shows that the “My Contacts Except” option to be added soon to hide the file’s image from specific people is still in the experimental stage, and this feature is also scheduled to be added to the Last Seen option as well, which means that work is in progress to expand this feature.

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