Sony solves CMOS battery issue on PlayStation 5

Sony solves CMOS battery issue on PlayStation 5

Not so long ago, Sonol Sony owners were faced with a serious problem: a failed CMOS battery. This affects not only the functionality of the PlayStation 4, but also the new PlayStation 5.

It’s PlayStation 5’s turn to be fixed, as announced by Does it Play, my Twitter. Here are the latest “fixes”:

  • PS5 physical games can now be installed without any issues;
  • PS4 physical games can be installed correctly and run smoothly;
  • Digital copies of PS4 and PS5 games can also work with a “dead” CMOS battery;
  • Games available via PS Plus cannot be played on an empty battery.

What is the main reason for these failures?

As Marinake said, the way the battery works is pretty simple: Like any other motherboard, the PlayStation 4 has a CMOS battery that’s meant to remember the date and time even when the console is unplugged from snuff. Once the battery is removed for any reason, the controller loses time.

This also applies to PS5. Sony uses this tactic to stop cheaters hunting for game prizes. However, the problem is that if this internal clock dies, the games will become virtually unplayable, and all the worse as Sony stops maintaining old servers.

The Japanese moved very quickly and fixed the problem. This way, our consoles will be able to last forever, and our collection of games will be preserved and displayed like exhibits in an art museum.

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