Some useful tricks for speeding up a slow smartphone

Some useful tricks for speeding up a slow smartphone

The reasons why a smartphone is slow can be many. The solutions also depend a lot on the type of operating system installed on the phone. A few small tricks will suffice and you can speed up every smartphone. Let’s see together what are the main causes and how to treat them.

Some useful tricks for speeding up a slow smartphone

The most common and most mysterious reason is the update. Whether it is Android or iOS, it is important to install the update. Because it fixes potential system errors, improves performance and makes the phone faster to respond to commands. If your phone is slow then it takes a long time for apps to open or the internet could be the culprit. The program needs to be updated. Both Android and iOS devices warn about updates. So when you read the notice, you have to accept it. And if you do not have enough space, you will have to sacrifice some applications, and some videos or pictures can be transferred to your computer. Delaying the installation will only degrade the performance.

Another reason could be battery corrosion. Both of the most popular operating systems now provide information on battery health. If the percentage is low and considered critical, it is best to change it. Especially if you want to use the phone for a few more years. Otherwise, the phone will get slower and slower. It will break down a lot and it is time to replace it.

If the battery is good and you have the latest software version, then move on to the next step

Then the problem is with the apps. There is probably a lot more to make the device run smoothly. It is better to make identification and elimination, at least to use. And if you have Android, then cleaning app cache can help free up more space. IOS devices do this on their own, keeping data that still takes up space. Then you can uninstall and reinstall the app to delete that stored data as well.

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Controls and animations burden your phone’s RAM. So if you rely heavily on these options, it is best to resize them. Maybe let go of the basics and eliminate others. So the phone will not have to perform many procedures at the same time and it will definitely speed up.

If none of these tricks work, get down to business. You can try to reset the smartphone to factory data. First, by backing up and saving the phone’s contents. Then we proceed to soft reset the smartphone. So you can start from scratch and install only the most useful apps. So as not to overburden the device too much. And maybe get rid of some malware that we might have downloaded by mistake.

Here are some useful tricks for speeding up a slow smartphone. Scanning for malware is always very helpful. And this should be done every two or three months, especially if you download a lot of things from the Internet. Prevention is better than cure. The reason could be the phone overheating or the battery dying out very quickly.


If the smartphone’s battery is always low, then it could be due to this sudden cause

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