These are the amounts Google pays publishers for their news

These are the amounts Google pays publishers for their news

Written by Arno Minin

Do tech companies need publishers more than publishers need tech companies? We may be closer to an answer.

The Australian Parliament passed a bill last week that would charge Google, Facebook and other tech platforms for news links. Initially, Facebook believed it could only tell Australians “that they could enter the tree” and banned Australia from posting news links on its site.

Facebook felt that the publishers had no right to claim the paid access. But the company’s clumsy response backfired. After a few days of skirmishes, Facebook and Google are both sitting at the negotiating table discussing how much they will pay Australian media after the law goes into effect.

It’s nothing new for Google, which struck a similar deal in France last month, said Matteo Rosmain, a Google journalist. Reuters. Rosemain: “Google has agreed to pay 63 million euros over three years to a group of 121 French news publishers.”

Payments will range from 11,332 euros per year to locals Loudest voice Marne, Amounting to € 1.1 million per year for the daily newspaper the world. Three major French publishers could also have negotiated an additional € 3 million, including agreeing to sell subscriptions through Google.

All these numbers are just a drop in the ocean at the moment. Google’s annual turnover in 2020 is around € 150 billion. The tech giant can lose some battles to win the war. By giving away certain things in France and Australia, Google is keeping its hand on the biggest prize: controlling and distributing the world’s information online.

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