‘Sold out’: Win-win for SMA Solar and SolarEdge?

'Sold out': Win-win for SMA Solar and SolarEdge?

The complex situation in the solar energy sector. On the one hand, the growth is phenomenal and the prospects are sunny, but on the other hand, the shortage of chips has not been resolved. In addition, there are always new subsidies, which will increase demand.

The city administration of Cologne has now also announced that it will provide more support for photovoltaic cells. The subsidy is set to rise from 150 euros to 250 euros per kilowatt of peak production (kWp).

thriving BMW storage

Solarwatt’s Felix Bräuer recently told the AKTIONÄR Hot Stock Report that some products have already sold out by the end of the year, such as a battery storage system built with BMW. Exciting: “SMA Solar raised prices in the new year and customers accepted it without any major complaints.”

Solar energy also in peat soil

In addition, the new government is planning a major blow. The departments of economy, climate protection, environment and agriculture have agreed that agricultural areas and swampy lands used for agriculture will be used extensively to expand photovoltaic cells. Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck: “We expect that up to 200 gigawatts of additional PV could be installed on farmland; today we have approximately 60 gigawatts.”

Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir sees “a win-win for the climate, nature and our agriculture”.

There is also no shortage of bureaucracy: Municipalities will be empowered to specify to the system operator the nature conservation requirements that must be taken into account in open PV spaces in individual cases.

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You can learn more about Solaredge, Gold and K + S in the new AKTIONÄR TV:

Solaredge, K+S, Gold, Bitcoin and Tesla under review

Voltage in Solaredge and SMA

Now things are getting exciting for Depot 2030’s SolarEdge stock, which is reporting its numbers on February 15. In addition, forecasts for the new year at SMA Solar can be expected in a few weeks.

new details

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