Solar-powered car: wonderful … the farmer who made the solar car .. 300 km on one charge .. – Odisha farms are building a solar powered car that can travel 300 km on a single charge

Solar Powered Car: అద్భుతం.. సోలార్‌ కారును తయారు చేసిన రైతు.. ఒక్కసారి చార్జ్‌ చేస్తే 300 కిలోమీటర్లు..

Solar powered car: Some people look to their talents with their own finesse. A farmer from Odisha builds his solar car and entertains everyone …

Solar powered car: Some people look to their talents with their own finesse. A farmer from Odisha makes his solar car and entertains everyone. He says it can reach 300 km in length on a single charge. Sushil Agarwal from Karanjia in Mayurbhanj started making solar-powered cars at his home during the lockdown. He owns everything, including electrical fixtures, motor windings and tires. But the farmer completed it three months earlier on the advice of a friend, with the help of two mechanics. However, the tires still need to be tightened. It will take eight and a half hours to fully charge the solar car battery, Sushil Agarwal said. It claims that the battery, charging slowly, will last for ten years. He said the car can travel up to 300 kilometers on a single charge.

He said gasoline prices have risen dramatically after the shutdown and that he wants to know what kind of electric car he’s making and has made his own solar-powered car via YouTube. He wants the government and government agencies to encourage such things and allow them to drive on the road.

The idea through a workshop on inventing new ideas

Meanwhile, he held a workshop on inventing new ideas in his region. Sushil, who was present at the meeting, began manufacturing the car with the help of the mechanics who were introduced there. He assembled an 850W motor plus 54V battery and other equipment one by one. In the process, he read his own books and watched YouTube videos to learn more about the parts of the car. Solar‌ worked for 8 months building the car and finally designing the car. However, the battery is reported to be charged with solar energy.

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However, he said that he anticipated the possibility of higher gasoline and diesel prices in the future during the lockdown period, and thus was ready to manufacture his own car. Locals praise the car, which is charged by solar panels located at the top of the car.

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