Solar Energy Magazine – EuPD Research awards Growatt Award to Top 6 PV Battery Storage Brand

Solar Energy Magazine - EuPD Research awards Growatt Award to Top 6 PV Battery Storage Brand

Growatt has received 6 Best Photovoltaic Storage Brand Awards by EuPD Research. The Energy Storage Award is part of the Global PV InstallerMonitor, a survey among installers.

For this research report, EuPD polls thousands of solar panel installers in many countries each year about their purchasing behaviour, the brands they carry in their portfolio and much more.

The Chinese manufacturer has won the award for solar panel inverters in 17 different countries – including the Netherlands – and battery inverters in 6 other countries.

As for energy storage, this relates to Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and Brazil. “We are honored to be recognized by global customers, especially those in Europe and Australia, as more and more residents demand high performance energy storage systems,” said Lisa Chang, director of global marketing at Growatt. †

Lithium Iron Phosphate
In addition to the classic residential storage inverters – the SPA and SPH series – Growatt has developed a new generation of off-the-shelf battery inverters that allow customers to choose to install energy storage systems in the future. These storage inverters are compatible with Growatt low-voltage and high-voltage lithium iron phosphate batteries for increased safety and have a modular design for easy portability, installation, and expansion.

“Customers can also choose to install THOR EV chargers, GroBoost water heater controller and other smart IoT devices to access our smart home solutions,” Zhang said.

View Growatt batteries here in the Solar magazine product finder.

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