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Only one character can destroy Windows. Reported by Tom’s Guide.

Specialists drew attention to the report of Google Project Zero experts, who spoke about the serious vulnerability of the operating system from Microsoft. The document describes the potential for hacking into a computer with a malicious TrueType font – more precisely, a specific character. This font is used in different operating system programs such as browsers.

To cause the crash, the user must download the affected version of the font package and unzip the archive. Journalists noted that such malicious files are often distributed on compromised websites and via email. After unpacking the document, a fatal system error occurs, as a result of which the computer may turn off.

A hacker attack will be successful if the user has not installed the latest Windows update. Experts note that the problem is in any edition of Windows 10 that did not have the February 9 updates installed. Usually, the attack can be carried out through Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Cybersecurity experts said there is currently no information on the vulnerability being used to launch real attacks. However, experts have advised Windows users to update their operating systems.

Earlier this year, security experts discovered a Windows command that could crack the system. When an operating system specific link is activated, a blue screen of death (BSoD) appears. Microsoft later released an update to fix the bug.

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