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The new version of Windows will lose the problematic component that is causing the system to freeze. This has been reported by the latest Windows version.

In the initial builds of a new OS release, codenamed Sun Valley or 21H2, the Windows user-friendly taskbar will lose the explorer.exe component responsible for its operation. The authors note: “explorer.exe usually works fine, but when it freezes, it can render the desktop useless and also hide the taskbar.” The downtime has been around for decades in all versions of Microsoft’s operating systems.

To solve the problem of computer freezing due to taskbar, you need to contact task manager and manually stop explorer.exe. In some cases, it is necessary to restart the computer.

In the new version of Windows, the Taskbar will have a dedicated taskbar library to run, which might increase the stability of this functionality in the operating system. In the initial release of the OS, references to taskbar.dll were found, indicating separation of the library as a separate process.

At the end of March, experts discovered Windows Personalization Mode in version 21H2. The user will be able to customize the operating system for himself, taking into account his needs and changing the interface design. The new version of Windows will be launched from October to November.

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