So you can send 10MB of data to the moon for free

So you can send 10MB of data to the moon for free


Anyone who wants to send an image, text, icon, or other document up to 10MB in size to Earth’s satellite can do so right now – even for free. The only requirement is that you have a Reddit account created before January 25, 2021.

Background is an action by Reddit user Valphon. According to his own statements, he bought “Moonbox” from Astrobotic. As a guide, he uploaded photos of the box. Additionally, the campaign is coordinated with moderators of a very active subreddit r / space.

Astrobotic offers to bring things to the moon for a fee. You can start at $ 460. According to Astrobotic, the charge should remain on the moon after landing and serve as a time capsule.

Terabyte of storage space

Valphon says it wants to send two microSD cards, each with 1 TB of storage, to the moon for an unspecified project. Since it doesn’t completely fill that space, it ditches the rest via Reddit.

If you write it to him, you can get 10MB of storage – first come, first served. All you have to do is write a letter for him. On Wednesday it was said that there is still a vacancy.

The campaign met with a very big response on Reddit. Wednesday, lunchtime, the corresponding post received tens of thousands of endorsements and comments. Some users just want to send you a snippet of text that they post directly in the comments. From jokes and memes to reminders of close relatives, there are indeed numerous contributions.

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The box will begin its journey to the moon at the start of Astrobotic in July.

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