So you can recycle old cell phones that you don’t use

So you can recycle old cell phones that you don't use

Don’t throw them away, better RecyclingWe tell you where to take them and how Recycling your devices cell phoneand tablets and Computers that you are no longer using or not working.

Waste from technology, such as electronic devices, is one of the most important pollutants and environmental problems. In fact, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (brovkoIt is estimated that about 1.1 million tons of electrical and electronic waste is generated in Mexico. It is highly polluted because it contains minerals, of which only 17.4% of these types of waste are recycled.

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How do I recycle my old cell phone?

If you bought a new phone, or you have several cell phones in stock that don’t work, and even they are somewhat old and outdated, don’t throw them away, you can recycle them. We tell you some ways to do it:

an Apple: The company has an exchange system through which you offer your old device, and this serves as credit for you to get a new one, or at least some discount on your next purchase.

Anatel Green Program: Most phone companies participate in this plan, which consists of collection centers across the country where you can deposit your cell phone or batteries for recycling. Ask your company if they do not have this service.

How to recycle cell phones

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recycle computers mexico: This CDMX company is responsible for recycling and reusing old computer components to make new hardware.

Recycling: The Ministry of Environment has its own program that aims to take their electronic waste such as cell phones, computers, tablets and even televisions. All this to give a better life and help the environment.

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Remember that electronic devices, batteries, and other devices such as household appliances do not go into the trash, but because of their properties they should be stored and disposed of in special places. Find the nearest collection center or any of the above options.

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