20 new Kässbohrers for ICTS • TTM.nl

20 new Kässbohrers for ICTS • TTM.nl

ICTS Group recently expanded its fleet of trailers with 20 units of Kässbohrer Dry Freight Freight Box plywood.

ICTS Group is a trailer rental, maintenance and field service company, providing services on major transport routes in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Russia. The ICTS fleet consists of more than 2,800 vehicles.

Joop Roijakkers, Vice President of ICTS Group, and Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account Management at Kässbohrer, herald a new chapter in the partnership between ICTS and Kässbohrer.

Joop Roijakkers (ICT)

Roijakkers: “We’ve worked with Kässbohrer canopy and container body vehicles for over 5 years and are very satisfied with their durability and performance. Due to the quality of the Kässbohrer, we have decided to add 20 Kässbohrer dry-cargo plywood box vehicles to our fleet. Kässbohrer K.SBT C vehicles have excellent maneuverability with their mechanical steering axle.The vehicle steering axles will save time, reduce fuel consumption and prevent vehicle damage in our operations.We are very pleased to be able to expand our partnership with Kässbohrer.

As a Kässbohrer company, we offer the widest range of products in Europe to our customers in more than 55 countries. In addition to over 600 Kässbohrer Curtainsider (standard or mega versions) and container chassis, we are very pleased to expand the ICTS Group fleet with our Dry Freight Plywood Box vehicles. K.SBT C is strong with 20mm thick plywood walls, 7.2t phenolic resin coated plywood floor as standard. To increase the floor strength, the car was equipped with heavy-duty welded thrust panels on the sidewall and front wall,” explains Mehmet Onin.

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ICTS has specified the trailers with various options, such as a tail lift to speed up loading and unloading when there is no slope, a mechanical turtle lock to better protect the vehicle from theft, an insulated roof to protect the vehicle from moisture and extend product life and stabilizer bars to ensure the safety of the load.

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