So we can have Siri answer us “Hey Siri” even when the iPhone is face down or covered

So we can have Siri answer us "Hey Siri" even when the iPhone is face down or covered

When we leave our iPhone with the screen facing down on a flat surface or cover its face with some kind of cover, the system understands that we don’t want it to respond to “Hey Siri”. This is a performance that is supposed to behave like this, but there will be In some cases we want Siri to respond to us at all timesFortunately there is a necessary adjustment.


Who did not happen? Sometimes we call our favorite assistant without any response, after raising our voice and repeating the call several times We realize that we simply left our iPhone upside down, So Siri won’t answer us. The same thing happens with some cases that completely cover the phone screen, and our assistant call function disappears without even touching the iPhone.

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Thankfully, there is a setting where we can ask Siri Answer ignore screen clutter detection. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the application Settings On an iPhone or iPad.
  2. We have entered Accessibility.
  3. We played on Siri.
  4. We are activating Always allow an alert when you hear “Hey Siri”.

that’s easy. From now on our iPhone It will answer regardless of whether the screen is covered. Keep in mind that the “Hey Siri” deactivation function in certain situations helps reduce false positives.

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In any case, other than the occasional activations, the ability to speak to our assistant whenever possible is clearly interesting. Especially depending on the third-party covers that we were able to put on our iPhone.

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