Impossible to enter the Netherlands? not exactly

Impossible to enter the Netherlands?  not exactly

It will be more difficult, but certainly not impossible, to come to the Netherlands from countries with dangerous mutations of the Coronavirus.

As of tomorrow, travelers will not be able to travel to the Netherlands from the UK, South Africa, Cape Verde, and almost all of South America. In practice, however, travelers can get around this by traveling to the neighboring countries of Germany and Belgium. There is no entry ban there.

“It’s not impossible to travel from these countries via Belgium to the Netherlands,” says reporter Thomas Speakers. “But it is more difficult.” “To be able to travel to Belgium, you must be able to show a negative PCR test up to 72 hours. Moreover, it is necessary to register at the airport. You must complete the passenger location form, stating your place of residence, among other things. Put “.


Reporter Judith van de Holzbeek says travel through Germany is also possible. “Travelers coming from areas with mutant viruses and very high contamination levels must show a negative polymerase chain reaction test for up to 48 hours.” Registration is not necessary if you are traveling directly to another country. “If you are on the transit route, there is no need to quarantine in Germany and you can travel to the Netherlands.”

From both countries, you can travel to the Netherlands by train or bus with a negative PCR test. Once here, quarantine is of course mandatory.

Nutrition disposal policy

For travelers from the UK, the way to the Netherlands by train (Eurostar) or by car via Eurotunnel is the least complicated, says reporter Tim de Wit. “You should have two tests in your pocket. In addition to the PCR test up to a maximum of 72 hours, you should also have a rapid test that is no more than four hours old.”

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This particularly quick test is an extra tough bump. “This is a very clear policy of discouragement. Imagine you want to get on the train at 7 in the morning: so it’s not really possible to get such a quick test,” says de Witt. Of course, the quarantine obligation also applies here, once in the Netherlands.

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