Snowboarder Hiroto (16 years old) makes six circles around himself

Snowboarder Hiroto (16 years old) makes six circles around himself

High slopes and daring jumps: last week was a winter sports event the nine† There, Japanese skater Hiroto (16 years old) showed a very special movement. He circled himself six times. Nobody has been able to do that before.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Now that spring has come, skiers and snowboarders are saying goodbye to snow. However, at the end of the ski season, there is still one major winter sport event: the nine† Skaters and snowboarders from all over the world can show off their coolest moves out there. And they all have the same goal: to show that no mountain is too high or too dangerous for them.

bold jump

Found this year the nine For the thirtieth time in the ski region of Crans-Montana in Switzerland. Japanese figure skater Hiroto Ogiwara, 16, also competed this year. His dream was to become Back side 1800 Snowboard trick where you spin yourself five times. He succeeded after four times. Seeing that he only had a few minutes left, he took another leap. humming at full speed. To his surprise in the air, he was not five, but six. With this, Hiroto recently jumped 2160.

Watch Hiroto Ogiwara’s jump below:

Video Ogiwara Lands World & # 039; s First Backside 2160

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