SNL Jokes About Trump’s Diagnosis of COVID-19; Jim Carrey appeared as Biden – Nextar Media Wire

SNL Jokes About Trump's Diagnosis of COVID-19;  Jim Carrey appeared as Biden - Nextar Media Wire

NEW YORK (NEXTAR) – Saturday Night Live returned for its forty-sixth season on Saturday and has not held back when it comes to President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

In the opening segment of the show, which featured Jim Carrey playing Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin reenacting his role as Trump, the first hole came when Biden pressed the “pause” button to silence Trump during a parody of the debate.

“Sorry, but I think we all needed a break. Isn’t that satisfactory?” Biden said, according to a play on the episode of The New York Times. “You can trust me because I believe in science. And karma. Now, just imagine if science and karma could somehow cooperate to send a message to all of us about how dangerous this virus is.”

At that point, Biden turned his head and pointed the next line at “frozen” Trump.

“I’m not saying I want that to happen. Just imagine if it did.”

This clip was followed by the opening monologue presentation by host Chris Rock which included treating the diagnosis.

“President Trump is in hospital for COVID. And I just want to say, my heart goes out to COVID,” jokes Rock.

Later in the program, Michael Che and Colin Ghost talked about the president’s health and the wild news cycle during the Weekend Update.

“Well, look, this is weird because a lot of people on both sides say there is nothing funny about Trump being hospitalized because of the Coronavirus. And Chi said during the program, these people are clearly wrong.” There is a lot of funny about this.

“Mathematically, if you’re making a joke, this has all the ingredients you need. The problem is it’s so funny. Like, it’s on the nose. It would be like I’m making fun of people who wear the belts and my pants fell off immediately,” Che continued.

It was weird to see all those who clearly hate Trump come out and say, ‘We wish him well.’ Ghost replied, I think a lot of them are guilty because their first wish came true.

“Look, I clearly don’t want the president to die,” Che said later. “Yes, indeed, I wish him a long-term recovery.”

Che ended the president’s health section by talking about a 4-minute video Trump released on Saturday afternoon.

Che joked, “I’ll point out that if the situation were reversed and Biden was the one who got sick, Trump would be 100 percent on a rally without a mask tonight to laugh hard at Biden on the ventilator.” “I’m just saying.”

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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