Small festival with five strong bands at Clouso’s backyard music café in Meppel

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Five bands will perform during “Hey Ho Clouso” at Maple. A small festival will be held on Saturday 9 July in the backyard of the music café Clouso.

Bands will perform Bad Penny, Robbing Banks, Bongloard, Afterpartees and The Kryng. Hindu food is served to strengthen the inner man. The mini-festival is held in association with the Music Cooperative and begins at 3 p.m.

hard music

bad penny It is a brilliant young band from Amsterdam led by Mrs. Sophie Ottmann. They have already toured the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

bank robbery is a one-man band from Utrecht: Robin van Saaze is the guitarist, drummer, singer, producer and head of record for his own band. Makes pure garage rock with powerful songs.

The composition also comes from Utrecht Bongloard † She makes the stage unsafe with fuzzy guitars, fierce bass riffs, and punchy drums, and she’s inspired by bands like Thee oh Sees and Ty Segall.

after party It comes from Horst ann de Maas in Limburg. The band broke up eight years ago with the lively, lively punk music of the 1970s and playing at festivals.

kring It was formed by Peter Kroes on bass and Arjan Spies (guitarist on The Kik) on drums. The great merit of the band is singer/guitarist Mark Ten Hoor, who is a professional when it comes to writing catchy and powerful songs.

The song “Hey Ho Clouso” was framed musically by DJ Suske. Tickets are available at

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