Small boat, big plans? 3 tips for viewing

Small boat, big plans?  3 tips for viewing

Leaving with a small boat? Looking for inspiration for sailing on a small budget?

YouTube is full of sailors with Tips and tricks. To help you on your way to the broad, we asked solo sailor Jeroen van Weerde about his favorite Youtube channels. He sailed in 2019-2020 with the 1975 27-foot Halcyon around the Atlantic, about which we recently wrote this article. Where does the lone sailor get inspiration from? “I prefer to follow sailors with similar boats. This is my favorite at the moment.”

Do you have any tips yourself? Let us know in the comments!

free sailing

This couple cruises across Australia with Mirrool, a 1969 30-foot Clansman. In the videos, they take you to the most remote places in Australia and share tips on living a self-sufficient life. In this video they take a tour of the deck. How many skills do you take with you for your own boat? We lost count.

Sam Holmes sailing

Sam Holmes, sailor, glider and passionate thief, sails around the world on Cape Dorie 28. In his videos, it’s not only great sailing with this cheerful American, but you’re also loaded with easy-to-use tips.

How to sail the oceans

American solo sailor Kevin Boothby sailed without a motor and built his own vane steering system.

keep it simple

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