Six (temporary) locations for the 2023 sprints are known

Six (temporary) locations for the 2023 sprints are known

Formula 1 has set tentative locations for the six sprint races for 2023. Spa-Francorchamps, Baku and Qatar, among others, are almost certain of a Formula 1 race.

Formula 1 wanted more sprint races on the calendar this year, but had to make do with the three races that were there due to disagreements between the teams and the FIA. This year, those parties agreed to increase the number of sprint races from three to six in 2023.

This year Imola, Austria and Brazil were allowed to stage sprint races. according to Austria and Brazil will also host the sprint in 2023, along with Azerbaijan (Baku), Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps), Qatar (Lucile) and the United States (Austin). It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it will be almost certainly. Only Qatar would be a question mark, with Saudi Arabia as a possible contender for that spot.

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Sprint races were introduced in 2021 with the hope of making racing weekends more exciting for younger fans in particular. The format ensures that qualifying actually takes place on Friday, but this does not determine the starting order of the race on Sunday. This is the goal of a hundred kilometer sprint, or half an hour max.

Next year, Formula 1 wants to try a new DRS rule in six sprint races, allowing drivers to use it from lap two instead of three. This proposal is subject to approval by the World Motor Sport Council.

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