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The escape of six prisoners was recorded on Friday in Valparaiso prison.

According to the information transmitted by Radio Bío Bío de Valparaíso, these people broke through the security measures and then escaped from prison.

Gendarmería is collecting more information and has already confirmed a summary of this fact.

Police and gendarmerie patrols are making movements at the top of Valparaíso, to find the whereabouts of the inmates.

Jose Miguel Gutierrez | RBB

escape dynamics

The Foundation confirmed, through a statement, an administrative summary, and indicated the dynamics of events.

According to the document, this happened around 7:00 am, when an official from the La Pólvora Center for Education and Labor (CET), accompanied by users of the same unit, arrived at the maneuvering yard of the canister complex to deliver bread to the guests.

At the time they were approached by six prisoners, one of whom was allegedly carrying a firearm. These terrorized the gendarme, forcing him to open the entrance gate to the courtyard, and then escape.

The Public Prosecution and the police, who are carrying out the special operation to find the inmates, were informed of this, and the statement ended.