Six out of ten European companies use HR and people analytics

Six out of ten European companies use HR and people analytics

Breda, 20 October 2022 Numerical proof is important when making policy decisions. HR and People Analytics provides companies with insight into, among other things, understaffing, absenteeism, and employee turnover. A survey conducted by European HR and payroll services provider SD Worx showed that six out of ten European companies use HR and people analytics. 21 percent of companies plan to do so in the next year. This is 15 percent more than last year.

Holland takes the cake
The majority of European companies (56%) actively believe in the added value of HR and people analytics. Dutch companies lead this with 67%, followed by companies from Ireland (66%), Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom (the three 61%). International organizations, medium and large corporations in particular, believe in the insights potential provided by HR and people analytics. This primarily relates to data reporting that determines payroll and personnel costs, followed by absenteeism, staff planning and capacity management, and staff recruitment and selection.

Need for tools and advice
However, there are a number of reasons why four out of ten companies don’t work with HR and people analytics. More than a quarter (28%) of Dutch companies surveyed that have not yet used HR and people analytics indicate that they simply do not need this data and that there is often a lack of advice and guidance when starting such data. . In addition, Dutch companies also lack the time or manpower to prepare this (23%), the methods for collecting this data (10%) and the appropriate systems (9%).

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Even companies already working on HR and people analytics have not yet fully exploited all possibilities. Above all, they still need easy-to-use and smart tools to analyze, interpret and visualize data.

More than half of European companies use HR and people analytics in their decision making
More than half (52%) of European companies say they use HR and people analytics in strategic and operational decisions. For Spanish companies, this percentage rises to at least 82%, followed by Italian (70%) and British (59%). The Netherlands is somewhat below this average at 44 per cent.

Research shows that HR and management managers in particular benefit from HR and people analytics. But they are not only experiencing the benefits of this. More than half (52%) of European companies that already use it say such reports are also useful to employees and managers. This applies to decisions at the team level, for example about available talent, and to individual matters, such as the effective use of employees’ time. Here, too, company size appears to be a determining factor. It is mainly employees and managers of large companies who use HR and people analytics (63%). For medium-sized companies, this ratio is 59 percent, and for companies with fewer than 250 employees, this percentage is somewhat lower at 48 percent.

Overall, there is still plenty of room for expansion in the field of HR and people analytics. Mark Blum, Director of SD Worx Nederland explains: “The numbers in this survey confirm the positive trend in which companies are opening up to taking full advantage of HR and people analytics. However, this remains a blind spot for some companies and it’s a shame. Anyone not yet using the evidence Numerical staffing policy decisions miss out on a great opportunity here, especially when you know that a lot is already possible even with limited effort Existing technologies also allow data sets to be linked together in a more efficient manner Effort is reduced, and the interpretability of internal stakeholders increases exponentially Analytics can HR and people can make a significant difference within the organization, particularly in the areas of wellbeing, engagement, employee satisfaction, recruitment and talent development.It is beneficial for companies to focus more on this, so that solid insights are always part of personnel policy decision-making, at both individual levels and collective.”

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About Search
As part of digitizing HR, iVox has conducted a study on behalf of SD Worx on the way European employers implement HR data and these insights. The survey was conducted in April-May 2022 in Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 4,061 companies were surveyed. The sample is representative of specific local labor markets and has the same firm size composition for each country concerned.

About SD Work
In a world where work is being redefined, people want to be inspired by their work and given the freedom to focus on what really matters. At the same time, organizations need dynamic and motivated employees who can rely on smart technology. As a leading European supplier of people solutions, SD Worx allows organizations to use human resources to provide added value to their own company and everyone who works for them. SD Worx provides solutions for people that help people throughout their careers: from attracting talent to rewarding and developing the talent that makes organizations successful. SD Worx improves enterprise performance and service delivery through four options: technology, outsourcing, broad experience, and relevant insights from data.

More than 76,000 small and large businesses around the world rely on SD Worx’s 75+ years of experience. The company provides solutions to its employees in 150 countries, calculates wages for more than 5 million employees and is among the top 5 employees worldwide. More than 5,300 SD Worx employees operate in sixteen countries: Belgium (head office), Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

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