Singapore allows non-quarantine travel to nine other countries. Check details

Singapore allows non-quarantine travel to nine other countries.  Check details

Singapore allows non-quarantine travel to nine other countries. View details & nbsp | & nbsp Image source: & nbspBCCL

the main points

  • Most VTL countries provide quarantine and test-free entry for vaccinated travelers from Singapore
  • Travelers may also be required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival
  • Singaporean citizens who have been vaccinated will be able to visit South Korea for quarantine and without a visa from November 15, 2021.

New Delhi: Amid easing travel restrictions on countries, Singapore opened its borders to nine more countries on Saturday, despite fighting a record Covid-19 outbreak for now. In its latest travel advice, the country has allowed travelers from the US, UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain to be vaccinated.

From October 19, air travelers from these nine countries will not have to follow quarantine rules if they pass their Covid-19 tests. The announcement is an important step in Singapore’s strategy to resume international contacts. However, India is still not part of Singapore’s new travel corridor scheme. stated that “there are no arrangements for a vaccinated itinerary for passengers departing from India”. “Non-Singapore nationals and permanent residents with a history of travel or transit through India within 14 days of arrival are not currently allowed to enter Singapore,” the text reads.

Travel from Singapore to these nine countries can be done on any Singapore Airlines flight, while travel from these countries to Singapore must be on Vaccination Tours (VTL). Travel to multiple VTL countries is allowed on the same flight.

Travelers must show evidence of Covid-19 vaccination and take two PCR tests for Covid-19 when traveling to Singapore. Short-term visitors and long-term pass holders must apply for a Vented Travel Card (VTP) on VTL flights to Singapore, which can be done online.

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Please note that Singapore already allows non-quarantine travel from “tier one” places such as China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, although most of these places went unanswered. With the latest move, Singapore Airlines Limited is expanding its network of improved travel corridors to 14 cities, with more points to be announced on special flights in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the UK also eased travel restrictions on Indian passengers earlier this week. India’s high commissioner has said that Indians who have been fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK approved vaccine will not be quarantined upon arrival in Britain from October 11, ending a debate over what was seen as the unfair imposition of COVID quarantine rules.

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis wrote on Twitter: “There is no quarantine for Indian travelers to the UK who have been fully vaccinated with CoviShield or any other UK approved vaccine as of 11 October. Thank you to the Indian government for the close cooperation over the past month.”

This development comes after the Indian government imposed reciprocal travel restrictions on British travelers arriving in the country.

From 4am on October 11 (Mon), eligible vaccinated travelers in more than 37 new countries and territories including Brazil, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Turkey will also be treated as returning fully vaccinated residents of the UK. as long as they have not visited a red-listed country or region in the ten days prior to their arrival in England.

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