Signal processor which introduced new features like WhatsApp-Dinamani

Signal processor which introduced new features like WhatsApp-Dinamani

Signal Wizard introduces new features like those in WhatsApp Wizard to attract more and more users.

The WhatsApp processor, owned by Facebook, announced that the wizard can only continue if it allows the use of user information, and that the WhatsApp wizard will not work from February 8 if not allowed. However, due to the intense protests, WhatsApp pulled it.

Meanwhile, people are starting to use signal processor instead of WhatsApp. In this case, the signal processor has introduced all the features as WhatsApp to attract a large number of users.

The web info indicates that Signal Processor has introduced a feature in its latest update that changes the background images for the chat, similar to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-Bill has a feature for users to put status on photos, videos, etc. The signal processor also introduced this feature.

Only 5 of them can participate because the signal is already active and the group has a video connection. But now it’s upgraded to make video calls to up to 8 people at a time.

The Signal Wizard has also introduced a facility to join the group through the link. This feature is already present on WhatsApp.

While the WhatsApp-Bill cartoon sticker sending feature is already in place, Signal Wizard has also introduced the ability to send animated stickers.

Signal processor has also improved the feature WhatsApp-Bill already has, using less data for calls.

The Signal Company is also involved in the chatting site update effort.

WhatsApp was sold to Facebook for $ 19 billion to create 100 to 200 million users in India over the next two years.

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Brian Acton, Signal’s current CEO, resigned from WhatsApp in 2017 due to a conflict with Facebook.

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