Siemens Ruggedcom: Attackers can link to KRITIS

Siemens Ruggedcom: Attackers can link to KRITIS

Siemens’ Ruggedcom Series inverters, among others, can be used in critical gas and oil, power supply and traffic infrastructures. These network devices are designed for use in harsh environments such as oil rigs. In the current version of the operating system, the developers have now closed several security holes.

According to Siemens’ release, the overall security risk is “highAll vulnerabilities affect third-party components. If attackers succeed in targeting the vulnerabilities, services may be disrupted via a DoS attack or unauthorized people can eavesdrop on communications like a man in the middle.

state developers Ruggedcom ROS V5.6.0 To be prepared against such attacks. In addition to installing secured firmware, network device operators should study a presentation from the manufacturer for effective protection. This means, among other things, that only authorized persons can access certain devices and that the network must be divided into several sectors (production, office, etc.).


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