Shanghai Dragons Fleta team win the 2020 T-Mobile Overwatch League

Shanghai Dragons Fleta team win the 2020 T-Mobile Overwatch League

The final round of the 2020 Overwatch League Qualifiers ended in spectacular fashion, with the announcement of the 2020 League’s Best Player and the four teams qualifying for the 2020 Grand Finals.

Byung-sun “Fleita” Kim, the Shanghai Dragons’ injury player, was named the 2020 T-Mobile Overwatch League MVP Award for his star performance on a group of damage champions over the course of the regular season in helping the Dragons achieve the best record in the league.

Fleta’s pre-eminence and versatility over Overwatch champions Tracer, Echo and other damage champions also helped Shanghai advance across the Asia region and into the Overwatch League Finals, where they will be joined by the Philadelphia Blend, San Francisco Shock and Seoul dynasty.

“I think the Best Player award is the hardest award to get in (Overwatch League), and this is very useful to me, because it is choosing the best player out of all the players in the league,” said Fleita. “It was an honor to even get nominated, then get it. I’m really happy to be recognized for my hard work.”

To learn more about Fleta and his thoughts on winning the 2020 Overwatch League Player of the Year award, check out

Weekend summary for the US and Canada region

On Saturday in a highly anticipated match, San Francisco defeated top seed Philadelphia Blend 3-1 to advance to the Grand Finals in the Overwatch League as the number one seed for the United States and Canada.

The Blend team recovered dramatically on Sunday, when they swept Washington Justice 3-0 in the Losers Bracket Finals to win the Grand Finals area. By entering the qualifiers as the 12th seed, Washington knocked out Vancouver, Dallas, Paris and Los Angeles Valiant before coming over Philadelphia and Carb, who reached the final in MVP.

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Asia section region summary

Led by Fleita, the top-ranked Shanghai Dragons team took care of the business with relative ease to win their tickets to the Grand Finals by beating Seoul Dynasty No. 5 on Saturday 3-2. Dynasty revealed his determination and came back to sweep third place in New York City Excelsior on Sunday in the Losers Bracket Finals to win second and last place in the Asia region in the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

2020 Skins Overwatch League All-Star

The Overwatch League regional all-star events take place in Asia, the United States and Canada later this month. The popular in-game shapes of the event were revealed on Today’s Radio by and Reinhardt. Skins will be available for in-game purchase on all platforms from September 29th to October 12th.

More information on Overwatch League All Star events, consisting of player options and game modes, will come later today.

Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals

The 2020 Major Overwatch League Finals will begin on October 8. The 2020 Champion will receive a $ 1.5 million Prize and the Championship Cup Runner-up gets $ 750,000, with $ 450,000 for third place and $ 350,000 for fourth place. If the season appears with 2 local champions, the prize money allocations will change: both champions get Locals receive $ 1 million, while the two teams that rank second in each district receive $ 500,000.

After the tournament match, the T-Mobile Overwatch League Finals 2020 Best Player award will be awarded to the Outstanding Player of the match.

All Grand Finals matches will be revealed live and on demand on our YouTube channel, website and mobile app. The League Token download will be available during all of the Weekend Grand Finals Live events.

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