severe cellular interference constant

severe cellular interference constant

Sigh of relief for Telekom users: according to their own statements, the provider has corrected a nationwide bug. Thousands of customers affected.

At Deutsche Telekom, there was a major outage in the mobile network for hours on Tuesday. There were errors in phone calls, SMS and mobile phones over the LTE network, a Telekom spokesperson said at an online request.

According to Telekom, this should be fixed. “Cell phones over LTE are working properly again,” the spokesperson wrote to t-online late in the evening. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience, as we unfortunately did not live up to our own standards today.”

Thousands of customers affected

Hundreds of reports have been received from all over Germany on the “” portal since Tuesday morning. Users have reported that they have not been able to make calls on their cell phones for a few hours, and it appears that the landline has also been affected. However, fewer users reported problems with their mobile internet.

Reports subsided late in the evening, but sporadic messages remain on the gate. So it is doubtful that all Telekom users will actually be able to make calls again without interference.

With your iPhone, the call setup works automatically after about 20 seconds, then the smartphone switches to the 2G network. On an Android phone, you’ll need to disable “Voice over LTE” in the settings to be able to make calls if you’re still having problems.

Speaker: “Internal program error”

Telecom did not comment on the exact causes of the problems. It was initially suspected that the disturbance was linked to the aftermath of the weekend’s storms. The speaker wrote about an “internal software bug” that technicians identified, but it’s now fixed.

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There have also been disruptions to Congstar’s mobile network, as the provider uses the same networks as a second brand of Telekom.

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Update, 10:55 PM: We updated the report late in the evening so that Telekom announced that the issue had been resolved.

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