September 30, 2021, the day the Internet can shut down to millions of smartphones and computers

Un certificat de sécurité non mis à jour peut bloquer Internet. © Lukas Bieri, Pixabay

As the security certificate on all connected objects expires, millions of smartphones, game consoles and PCs may be deprived of the Internet on September 30, 2021. This concerns all devices marketed before 2017 that have not been updated.

smart phones, ComputersAnd Tablets, but also game consoles, TVs… The internet has been everywhere for years. However, on September 30, 2021, millions of devices may be denied connection! A giant ‘blackout’ could affect too many devices built before 2017. Why? Because this September 30, 2021, a certificate Digital security will end, and at the same time, the lack of an update will block another certificate, more widespread, necessary today for connecting to the Internet, for example watching videos, or checking emails.

The culprit is the testimony IdentTrust DST Root CA X3, which allows the ISRG file to be certified root X1, is necessary today to encrypt Internet communications. according to Scott HelmyThe researcher at the origin of this discovery is all previous smart phonesConnected TVs or game consoles that have not been updated will not be able to access some Internet services.

All affected operating systems

In his article, he gave many examples, and it concerns iPhone under iOS 9, smartphones under Android 2.3.5 and earlier or computers with the . extension Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Apple computers running macOS 10.12.0. This also applies to consoles like PS3 Or PS4, or devices running Ubuntu and Blackberry. The full list is on This page.

To anticipate this potential downgrade, there are two solutions: update your device; Install a recent version of navigator Firefox because it does not use this security certificate and therefore allows you to connect to the Internet without fear of interruption.

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