Selling sunset Chelsea agent caught her tone

Selling sunset Chelsea agent caught her tone

High heels and a dancer showing off Chelsea on record days sunset sale. The medium shouldn’t be caught in a fashion mistake—although an outfit consisting solely of a long Louis Vuitton coat, high booties, and impossibly pumps is questionable—but on faking her accent. “I don’t make a fool of it,” she said during the reunion. “If I did, I would be a very good actress.”

Bring the Oscar, because that’s the proof.

“My parents are Nigerians, so I grew up in a family where my parents spoke with an accent,” she insists during the reunion. Chelsea continues: “I lived in London for the first 10 years of my life. Then I moved to Switzerland. Then I moved to New Jersey, then New York. Now I live in Los Angeles. I’m working on it, but that’s me, okay? That’s what you get” .

Can you blame her? Many Americans can’t resist the British accent, as if it didn’t really stand out enough because of her personality, she stands out even more once she opens her mouth and shows that British accent on the reality show. Anyway, it gets talked about, so her mission after her first season has undoubtedly succeeded.

Fifth season of sunset sale Available now on Netflix.

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