Security in Jalisco: They shoot the state police in Tonala and end up in arrest

Security in Jalisco: They shoot the state police in Tonala and end up in arrest

This afternoon, state police arrested three men accused of shooting them in Tonala.

The Minister of State Security reported that they were driving along Malecon Street, and saw a black Volkswagen Jetta traveling at full speed, and when they noticed the police presence they tried to evade it.

It was at the intersection of 16 de Septiembre and Río Nilo where the crew shot the police unit and then fled.So the agents repelled the attack and the car was chased.

As it passes, the Jetta crew They collided with a motorcycle and a Hyundai, before ending up in a collision, at the crossing of Rio Nilo and Manzano, opposite the seat of Ibiza. A pregnant woman was traveling, and Red Cross medics reported that she was stable. No injuries were reported in the other two cases.

At this point, state agents were able to arrest three of those named, who were reassured with a pistol-type firearm. According to witnesses, a fourth man escaped.

the detainedThe preventive commissioner, Gerardo Enzoa, said their ages were 19, 25 and 32. No police or civilians were reported injured as a result of the explosion of firearms.

The facts were reported to the Public Prosecution Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to start the corresponding investigations into what happened and to determine the legal status of the detainees.

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