Secret duets, 2021 national test and test with (snow) balls

Secret duets, 2021 national test and test with (snow) balls

The penultimate day of 2021 has all sorts of beautiful things in store for TV. Good movie, 2021 test, new quiz or entertainment show, there’s plenty to choose from tonight. These are TV tips for Thursday, December 30th. tells you every day the best that the next evening of TV can offer.

Top 2000 Jojo: Michael Jackson and David Bowie

m h 3

7:27 PM

In this episode of Top 2000 a gogo, Leo Blokhuis Matthijs van Nieuwkerk tells what Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” has to do with a gouda organ. There are also reports about Vanessa Carlton and Lex Uiting. Singer Jamie competes with actress Blaine Van Benikom in the competition and Robert Dijgraf announces his love for David Bowie. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will welcome all kinds of guests again this week at the Top 2000 Café. Famous Dutch people walk around talking and quizzes about music, and Leo Blojes tells fascinating stories from pop history.

Rail away: Holland in the snow

m h 2

8:10 pm

This time, Rail Away does not follow trains in Germany or Switzerland, but rather follows the Dutch route from Zwolle to Zutphen. The last episode of the series was in the Netherlands in 2014. The recording was made last February. Holland suddenly had to deal with snow and frost. This became an excellent opportunity to record a snow ring in our country. The result is a train journey along the IJssel, from Zwolle to Zutphen. Ring with essential snow and ice fun.

Test: From the 2021 national exam

m h 3

8:22 pm

Emma Wortelboer and Natasja Gibbs look at the highs and lows of 2021 by asking Dutch celebrities in the studio and audience at home 25 questions about the past year. 2021 was an unforgettable year, but what is left of it? in a From the 2021 national exam Questions about the Olympic Games, the song contest, the election and the vaccination campaign are discussed.

The famous Dutch in the studio who compete against each other are:

  • Writer Lale Gul
  • Paralympic champion Getzy Platt
  • Singer Django McCroe
  • Columnist Marcel van Rosmalen
  • Comedian Lisa Loeb
  • CDA Rep. Lucille Werner
  • TV presenter Edson da Graça

TV show: April and May in June


8:30 pm

The mother calls the three half-sisters April, May and June together. Their mother does not have long to live and plans to end her life on her birthday. She asks the sisters to take care of their autistic brother Jan. The sisters have a busy life and worry about Jean’s care. So they decided to search for Jean’s unknown father.

Comedy film: hard day

net 5

8:30 pm

Phil Connors in the movie D hard day An eccentric weatherman was sent to Punxsutawney to cover the annual Groundhog Day. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself reliving the same groundhog day over and over again. At first, he used this to his advantage, but then realized that he was doomed to spend the rest of his life in the same place.

new: secret duets


8:31 pm

In the new music game show Secret Duets, famous artists sing duets with an unrecognizable Dutchman. Challenge: find out who the mysterious guest is. Every Thursday at 8:30 PM on RTL 4. The program has nine members, four of whom take action in each episode. They sing a duet with a well-known Dutchman singing on the other side of the wall. Tries to sing committee member secret singer Guess after the performance. He or she can ask questions to the rest of the committee members and receive various hints, after he has already heard the voice. During the performances, viewers and team members slowly realize who secret singer But this remains unclear to the Lyrical Committee members until the wall rises. Presenter Jamie Loman sings his own duet with a guest to be revealed at the end of each episode. Famous Secret Duets panelists are: Berget Lewis, Dave von Raven, rappers Donnie, Frans Bauer, Gerard Joling, Karin Bloemen, Richard Groenendijk, Samantha Steenwijk and Shirma Rouse.

Doku: NOS Grand Finale of the Eurovision Song Contest

MB 1

8:33 PM

NOS provides the documentary NOS Grand Finale of the Eurovision Song Contest For a unique and festive look at last year’s biggest TV event, the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The heroes of the film – presenters Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit, Edsilia Rumble, Nikki de Jagger – in an empty Ahoy talk about their readiness and what the viewer did not see. The editor-in-chief, the director and the people on the ground also talk about what happened behind the scenes of the event.

nightclub: Richard Grunendyk – For Everything!


10:02 PM

Recording of the theatrical performance “Mother of Alice!” It is where Richard Groenendijk shows his sharpest, funniest, most private and most intimate side. Richard Grunendyk has been in the theater from 2017 to 2019 with this show. It’s a series of tales that are funny, amazing flowing and not sneezing at her. Richard makes a lot of noise and has a big mouth and a small heart too. He spares nothing or no one, and certainly does not spare himself.

new: Quiz with balls (snow)

MB 1

10:24 PM

After the European Championship quiz competition with balls, Frank Evenblige is back with the Winter Games edition. This test with (snow) balls can be watched on NPO 1 late tonight and next Thursday at 9.35 PM Beijing time. Comedians, famous (Olympic) winter sports fans and famous winter sports fans compete in teams against each other for a place in the final and the cup with big snowballs. Sports commentator Frank Snox is there as an expert for background stories on historical sporting events, comedians Rob Urgert and Joep Van Deudicum watch the game as a jury.

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