Longer trains to Belgium due to overcrowding: “Evil is necessary’

Longer trains to Belgium due to overcrowding: ``Evil is necessary'

Belgian railway company NMBS deploys longer trains between the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result, the trains between Roosendaal and Puurs in Belgium have twice the capacity. NMBS does this because of the crowds by the Dutch going to Belgium. “This is not normal.”

Despite advice not to travel to Belgium by train, they had seen crowds of people in and out at the station in Rosendal days ago. “It’s not normal,” says an NS employee at Rosendal station, where a slow train is leaving for the Belgian tourist attraction. Much longer travel time than, say, via Breda, but many day hikers seem willing to pay for it.

Additional unintentional passengers
Trains that are too long are a necessary evil, according to an NMBS spokesperson.

“It has been very crowded since Monday, especially towards Antwerp. Despite the advice of the Dutch railway company, it was a security measure we had to take. Not only for day travelers who go shopping, but also for those who take the train to work. Therefore, it is not We are sure to attract more travelers with this, although the pressure will continue in the coming days.”

“You have to do something, right?”
The influx of Dutch gets a lot of attention in the Belgian media anyway. Gazet van Antwerpen asked readers for their opinions on the day trips, which led to mixed reactions. One reader wrote that the borders should be closed, while another said “it’s allowed, don’t moan”.

Nor do day travelers who disembark or change trains in Rosendal on Wednesday evening, pay much attention to negative travel advice. “Was going to Antwerp smart? No, but yes, you have to do something,” answers a woman. And another couple did not regret the trip either.” As for the rest, we do everything wisely.”

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