Scientists: The United States will dry up

Scientists: The United States will dry up

Scientists expect the United States to experience its worst drought in more than a thousand years this century, due to climate change. Certainly for residents of the southwest and center of the country, it will be almost impossible to continue their normal lives.

drier than ever
According to researchers, future droughts will be far from our imagination. “Droughts in the past pale in comparison to expectations for what will happen in the 21st century.”ste “The century is coming,” said Jason Smerdon, a climate scientist at Columbia University.

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Smerdon by “previous droughts” refers, among other things, to the water shortage and wilting California had been dealing with for several years, but also to the drought of the thirteenth century.e Heralded the demise of the Anasazi civilization in the American Southwest. Same southwestern and central part of the United States, Great Plainswill be severely affected in the future.

Chronic water shortage
According to scientists, the drought in the future will not last “only” for a few years, as has been the case until now, but will continue for decades. Besides projected population growth, which will only increase water needs, large areas of the United States face chronic water shortages.

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