Scientists review: mindfulness apps as a new way to relieve stress

Scientists have proven the therapeutic properties of meditation many times. Of course, no one claims that it is able to heal you in a moment and can replace the help of a qualified specialist, but it definitely helps to control your state of mind and, in case of necessity, distract you from negative thoughts. Moreover science and technology have gone even further, today it is the mindfulness apps that can distract us from negative thoughts and get rid of stress. They can be easily installed on any smartphone for free. There are numerous programs which allow not only to relieve stress but also to adjust the sleep mode and improve your mood. Here, we have compiled for you a list of the best smartphone apps from the experts’ opinion.

Very often our body can give us signals that it is in a stressful state and needs some rest. In such cases, the best solution is to give yourself some time, take a long walk in the park, do some yoga or quietly read a book. As you may know in the eastern countries the whole culture of body treatment is well-developed. There, taking care of your body is a daily ritual. Whenever you visit the UAE, we highly recommend you to try taking baths in Abu Dhabi spa centers. However, doctors advise such treatment to be done nearly twice in a month in order to let go of the tension in the body and feel total relief. Alternatively, you can take a warm relaxing bath at your home or treat yourself with a warm bath and massage in the nearest spa center.

    1. Headspace

This app is an absolute favorite among those people who are just beginning their journey into meditation. The concept of meditation combines various methods that help to achieve a state of deep concentration, total relaxation, and the absence of any emotional expressions. Experts highly recommend Headspace app as it was developed by a Buddhist monk who had studied the human body a lot and developed the best meditation techniques. The app has several modes with different types of programs that involve different duration of meditation. There is also an option of voice guidance, which helps to take your mind off your thoughts faster.

    2. Colorfy

Drawing is another way to relax and calm down, according to the scientists’ reviews. In this case, the mobile app Colorfy replaces a session of art therapy. Here you won’t find tasks that need to be done daily, the main goal is to concentrate on the process of drawing different pictures. This app is great for those who are tired of scrolling through instagram feeds and want to just relax by drawing unpretentious pictures.

    3. Calm

Insomnia is one of the most common diseases according to modern society. The reason for this is our constant involvement in the digital world, reading the news, watching videos and so on. The abundance of information that we receive during the day makes it much harder for our brain to calm down and fall asleep on time. The smartphone app Calm has found a solution to this problem, it has collected meditations that can be done before going to sleep and during the working day as well. Meditations are accompanied by the sounds of nature, which makes the whole process even more pleasant and helps to quickly fall asleep.

    4. Stop, breathe, think

The name speaks for itself, the app aims to reduce negative emotions, helping those who periodically suffer from sudden moodiness and panic or aggression attacks. The meditation systems that are offered here have been developed on the basis of numerous medical researches. It helps not only to settle down, but also it teaches concentration, encourages self-reflection and searching for the causes of one’s stress. There is also an option of creating your own background sounds and listening to them whenever you feel stressed out. The app even has a timer, so that you can program it to turn off whenever you need to switch back.

Certainly this is not the whole list of useful applications for relaxation, but having at least these apps on a phone, can help you to take a break and turn from the outside world to the inner one of yourself.

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