Kampong, HGC, SCHC and Bloemendaal to the semi-finals of the ABN Championship

Kampong, HGC, SCHC and Bloemendaal to the semi-finals of the ABN Championship

Women’s Kampong, HGC, SCHC and Bloemendaal qualified for the semi-finals of ABN AMRO Weekend. Kampong respectively shook Den Bosch and Tilburg at Push Fields. In both matches the score was 1-0, making the group win a reality.

At Oegstgeest, based on LOHC, HGC became the group winner. Robbert-Jan de Vos beat HDM 3-1 thanks to hits by Mariona Serahima, Lisa Lego.Northeast and Fleur Gort. After that, Rotterdam took a 1-0 lead thanks to a goal by Faye Mijödermann.

SCHC turned out to be the best team in the preliminary round in Rijnvliet. Hurley and Klein Zwitterland lost 1-0 and 2-1. Yibbi Jansen was the star of the evening at Leidsche Rijn. The international was responsible for all the goals. Bloemendaal was influenced by leaving Amsterdam and Pinocchi in their group. The Sparrow dominated Amsterdam 2-0, and defeated Pinocchi 1-0. Ankilin Bardemans scored two of his three goals during his visit to AMVJ.

group 1
Den Bosch – Kampong 0-1 Vanessa Blackmans
Den Bosch-Tilburg 1-0 Jose Burg, 1-1 Lotte van Dongen (* Den Bosch won after penalty shootout)
Kampong – Tilburg 1-0 Ellen Janssen
group 2
HDM – HGC 0-1 Mariona Serahima, 0-2 Lisa Legon, 0-3 Fleur Gort, 1-3 Jeb Dickey
HDM – Rotterdam 1-0 Jeb Dick, 2-0 Faye Jhansi
HGC – Rotterdam 1-0 Faye Mujdermann
Group 3
SCHC – Hurley 1-0 Pepe Janssen
SCHC – KZ 1-0 Yeppe Janssen, 1-1 Kaitlin Cotter 2-1 Yeppe Janssen
Hurley – KZ 1-0 Michael van der Drift
group 4
Amsterdam – Pinocchi 1-0 Michel Fillet, 2-0 Fay van der Elst
Amsterdam – Blumendale 0-1 Mago Granato, 0-2 Ankielen Bardemans
Pinocchi – Blumendale 0-1 Ankilin Bardemans

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