Schiphol tops the international list of problematic airports | Currently

Schiphol tops the international list of problematic airports |  Currently

Schiphol ranks high in two of the major problem airports. Lists compiled on behalf of the US news channel CNN. When it comes to most delays this summer, Schiphol is in fourth place. In addition, the Dutch airport is among the top 10 airports with many cancellations.

For listings, we looked at data from the FlightAware flight data site for the period from the end of May. Since then, 41.5% of flights in Schiphol have been delayed.

Only in Paris Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt and Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada was this percentage higher, according to the list. In fact, more than half of the flights at the last airport were delayed.

When it comes to cancellations, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in China takes the cake. according to CNN 7.9 percent of flights were canceled. There are also many other airports in China on the list. In addition, there are three airports in the United States.

Schiphol also took tenth place in the top ten. The data will show that 3.9 per cent of flights in Amsterdam have been canceled in recent months.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling, Schiphol has had many problems lately. The airport cannot handle the summer crowds, and therefore has announced measures to reduce crowds somewhat.

This is also the reason why airlines have had to cancel many flights this summer. For example, the airport decided to process no more than 67,500 departing passengers per day.

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