Saving Electricity: Here’s What Energy Saving Boxes Bring – Guide

Saving Electricity: Here's What Energy Saving Boxes Bring - Guide

Can saving electricity really be that easy?

Currently, more and more energy saving boxes are being offered on the Internet. The principle behind this seems simple: the plug (about the size of a WLAN repeater) is simply put into the socket. From there, the flow of electricity will be stabilized with the help of a new type of technology – and your electricity bill will be significantly reduced.

BILD shows how useful energy-saving boxes are and whether or not you should buy them.

Advertising information from manufacturers looks promising: the electric bill will be reduced by up to 90 percent – thanks to the “leading energy stabilization technology”.

But it’s not that simple after all. “It is said that the purpose of these boxes is to reduce reactive power. However, this effect cannot be determined,” says Sören Demandt (25 years old) from the Consumer Protection Center in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Reactive energy is a byproduct of energy delivery. It oscillates between the receiver and the generator and “loads” the power line because it cannot be converted into usable energy. BUT: Reactive power is an important part of the electricity supply, as it builds magnetic fields necessary to transmit electrical energy.

By the way: Here you can find out where you can save in everyday life!

Sören Demandt: “This reactive capacity is not generally accounted for for private customers and is not accounted for by electricity meters either.” In other words: even if reactive power is reduced by energy saving boxes, money will not be saved.

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And: the electronic portal hot online Find out that the Voltbox has only a set overvoltage protection, a light-emitting diode and a black block installed. The latter had no function. Thus, the “Voltbox” can only be used as a night lamp. Striking: Thanks to the LED, the box used more electricity than it saved.

According to Demandt, buyers weren’t even able to recoup the fund’s purchase costs by saving electricity. And: “We can only advise against purchasing such devices.”

Mind game: if 90% of electricity could indeed be saved with this miracle device, the global energy crisis would be solved overnight …

According to Lorenz Bücklein of the Saxon Consumer Protection Center, anyone who wants to save electricity should stick to the tried and tested advice. He says: “When it comes to energy savings, we advise you to critically assess your electricity consumption. Real energy consumers are devices (such as televisions) that remain in standby mode. Here it is advised to disconnect them from the grid when not in use.”

The same applies to routers and modems. These will usually work 24 hours a day, although internet access is not always required.

And: “It is practical to have power strips with switches so that devices can be disconnected from the mains at once. In addition, it is a good idea to take a closer look at electrical and household appliances. New purchases can contribute to saving electricity here by increasing efficiency “.

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