Saskia Boelsums publishes a second book full of landscape photos

Schapen in het Bargerveen (Rechten: Saskia Boelsums)

The book is called Saskia Boelsums – Pictorial Landscape Photography. Compared to her first book, which was a huge success in three editions, the landscape is more beautiful and diverse. The Dutch scene is present in abundance. In addition, she publishes for the first time landscape photos that she took on her travels to Germany, Switzerland, and New York.

Put your own experience into the picture

“I call myself a visual artist with a camera. The basis is always a landscape photograph, and this is my schematic drawing. Then I work hard on it. I always want to put my own experience of that scene into that image,” Boelsums says on RTV Drenthe Cassata radio show.

“In the second book, I also see the development in my work, and that it has become more beautiful. I work a lot on the light, the dark, the shadow, the colors, the accents in the picture. The atmosphere in reality.” Boelsums performs these operations on a computer. In addition to landscapes, she prefers the beautiful sky, which is clearly reflected in her work.

all over the world

Boelsums decided which works could be seen in the book. Landscapes not only from Drenthe, but from all over the world. “I went to Switzerland because I wanted to photograph the mountains. Once I got to New York, I picked up the camera too.”

the book Saskia Boelsums – Pictorial Landscape Photography In stores today.

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