Germany has more bitcoin contracts than the United States

Germany has more bitcoin contracts than the United States

Germany has more bitcoin contracts than the United States. For the first time ever, our eastern neighbors have more public points than any other country. This is evident from the data from Bitnodes.

It comes to more than 10,000 nodes to be found. Of these, 1,833 are in Germany and 1,821 are in the United States. These are nodes that are not hidden behind Tor.

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The literal translation of the term “knot” means “knot”. This sums up the node’s role well. It is actually a data node. The nodes are in contact with the other nodes and thus are a cog in the whole. Think of it as a crossroads where payment data is stored, verified, and forwarded.

All payments we make with Bitcoin are stored somewhere. Together, all these nodes perform the network accounting check.

Bitcoin contract worldwide according to Bitnode

Aantal bitcoin contract

In 2019, Germany was already close to the first place in this ranking. At that time, the exact numbers were slightly higher. Then the US had more than 2,400 nodes according to Bitnode and Germany had over 1,900 nodes.

The Netherlands is also doing relatively well. Only France, Germany and the United States are above the Netherlands in terms of exact numbers. Relatively speaking, the Dutch have the most points, because the country’s population is millions less than the “competition” population.

It is not known who or what is behind all these nodes. You can assemble knots relatively cheaply with simple hardware, so it can be a knot in the attic and a rig or someone else.

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However, users concerned about their privacy tangle a knot behind Tor. Tor is an open network for anonymous communication, when you connect your node via Tor it will not show up in this kind of stats.

Fred: Germany has more bitcoin nodes than the US
Bitcoin held worldwide according to Bitnode. The Netherlands ranks fifth after Germany, the United States, France and the nodes with which no country can relate.

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