Sarah Giganti is on the mend after heart problems

Sarah Giganti is on the mend after heart problems

Sarah Giganti is on the mend after heart problems

Wed Nov 17, 2021 at 11:31 am

Sarah Gigante should take it easy for now. The 21-year-old Australian is recovering from myocarditis and pericarditis. It is an inflammation of the heart muscle and pericardium, usually caused by a virus. “I really feel a lot better now, but I have to handle it carefully,” she says via her TIBCO-SVB team.

The promising rider wasn’t feeling well last summer, a few days after the Tokyo Olympics. Sarah experienced severe chest pain in early August and had to be transferred to Girona Hospital. It was a very bad and frightening period for Sarah and her family, friends and colleagues.” Gigante was admitted several times over the following weeks and months, but doctors were initially unable to make a diagnosis.

In the end, it was revealed that the rider had pericarditis myocarditis, also known as myocarditis. “I’ve had a really tough few months. I didn’t expect this to happen to me. It wasn’t a good idea to go through this alone at first, but luckily I can count on a great circle of friends.” Gigante in recent months has helped her mother, brother, and roommate Kristen Faulkner.

In October, Gigante was finally able to fly from Spain to her native Australia. She could now train carefully again, but she hadn’t taken a risk yet. “It will be some time before you can fully train again. However, we are especially happy that Sarah is doing well again. It is always scary to hear when someone has heart problems, and we were very worried. However She can now smile again and that’s great,” according to a TIBCO-SVB report.

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Gigante will not play in the American squad next year, as she was previously able to put her scratcher under a three-year contract with Movistar. The Australian is known as one of the best talents. At a young age she is already an Australian champion on the road and time trial.

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