Samir Van Green Park is back on the NL handball team

Samir Van Green Park is back on the NL handball team

Aalsmeer National team coach Erlinger Richardson included 24 players in his final squad to receive in-house training in March in preparation for the World Cup playoff. The TeamNL Handball Men train from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 March in Papendal. The team will not play any matches during this international week. Samir Ben Ghanem, captain of the Green Park Handball Aalsmeer, was once again included in the national coach’s selection. The three former players Nico Blau, Lars Koegue and Jeffrey Baumhauer were also selected from the Aalsmeer Handball Association. The three currently play for different handball clubs in Germany.

A match away from home and at home
The Orangemen’s World Cup playoff will be played with an away match on 13 or 14 April and a home match on 17 April. The direct opponent is not yet known, since Portugal and Switzerland first decided between themselves who will compete against the Netherlands. It will be the first time that the two countries meet on March 17 in Portugal. He is scheduled to return to Switzerland on March 20.

World Cup 2023

The country with the best result over two matches will qualify for the World Cup qualifiers in Poland and Sweden, which will take place from January 11-29, 2023. The last time the Dutch men’s team was active was at the World Championships in 1961.

The organizers Poland and Sweden, and the Danish world champions, are certainly certain of their participation in the World Cup. The top three European Championship nations, excluding the already seeded nations, qualify directly for the final tournament. Spain, France and Norway also won a direct starting ticket.

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Comment players

Samir will not be playing in the BeNe League at this time. On the indoor handball court, the Disciplinary Committee’s decision regarding penalties is announced after the quarrel between Alsmir and Fizzy. Tim Potenga, who has already been suspended by the Green Park Board of Directors, is not allowed to play twelve games. Sameer is also punished. The captain must remain on the bench for six matches. Feeze will go into nine games without Yves Vankusen, the player who hit Samir, and three games without goalkeeper Nicholas Placers.

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