“Sainz already gets new Ferrari power supply at Imola after trouble in Australia”

"Sainz already gets new Ferrari power supply at Imola after trouble in Australia"

Ferrari will introduce the new power source this weekend, Giuliano Duccia reports Formu1a.uno† Carlos Sainz will be the one to use the new engine due to an issue discovered after his outage in Australia.

Ferrari’s original plan was to introduce the new power unit, which should provide more power and be more reliable, in Spain. In any case, this plan will no longer apply to Sainz. That would be due to an issue that was discovered after he retired at the Australian Grand Prix. His teammate Charles Leclerc appears to have had no problems.

The Sainz problem is not so great that the previous engine is no longer usable. This way it will still be usable during your free training sessions. The new power unit will be used for qualifying and racing, to avoid potential issues with the previous block during important sessions. Leclerc still drives with Imola’s number one power source.

Ferrari sees baptism of fire for a new power source

It will immediately be a good test for Ferrari to see if the new and improved engine will do its job well right away. The power unit passed some tests in terms of power and reliability, and the results were positive. Now it is the intention that these results can also be seen in real life. First test: the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix this weekend.


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