Former Australian Athlete and Advertising Company Director: This is Sophie Willems’ husband

Former Australian Athlete and Advertising Company Director: This is Sophie Willems' husband

Sophie Wilmès will step down as Federal Secretary of State with immediate effect after her husband, Christopher Stone, is diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. The two married in 2002 and have four children together.

Christopher Stone, an Australian from Tasmania, chairs JC Decaux-Dewez Billboard as general manager. This is a company that rents out over 15,000 billboards in our home. Until January 2018, he also chaired the Australian Business in Europe (ABIE), an organization dedicated to strengthening Europe and Australia’s relations in trade and diplomacy.

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He was a professional athlete in Australia in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He then played Australian football for St Kilda Club in Melbourne. Think of the kind of Australian variation of rugby that you play on an oval court. He can also play a good game of cricket. After his career, he ended up in Europe through his work.

four children

In 2002, he tied the knot with Sophie Villemis. They live in Rudy St. Genesius and have four children: Jonathan, Victoria, Charlotte and Elizabeth. In an interview with Paris Match In August 2020, former Secretary of State and former Prime Minister Villemis said she did everything at home before becoming a minister, then turned it around. I kept the panels running before I became a minister, running the house and fixing the taps. But when I became a minister, my husband took the lead. He’s a great guy, and we’ve always supported each other.”

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Supporting each other, that’s what Willems and Stone will also have to do in the coming period, after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Therefore, the politician MR immediately resigns from his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sophie Velmis (MR) temporarily stops working as a minister due to her husband’s serious illness: “Life sometimes takes painful turns”

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